Tips for recovering from the excesses of Christmas and New Year

lose weight after Christmas

All of us, or at least a large majority of the population, would assume that in the festive season, between Christmas and New Year, the propensity to commit excesses for several days at a time is high . In order for them to have a notion, a kilogram more corresponds to 3,500 kcal more , beyond those necessary for our metabolism and caloric expenditure, taking into account our age, physical activity and biotype.

As for Christmas candies, and for an idea, a mere dream has about 200 calories , a dose of sweet rice about 250 calories , a toast about 300 calories , a slice of king cake can reach 400 calories and a dose of formulas at 540 calories. Not to mention sausages, cheeses, bread and wine. You know how to enjoy a few glasses of wine at Christmas dinner. And then there are the leftovers that we try in vain to foist on the family and friends, staying the same in our refrigerator, which, in turn, is so full that every time we open the door, jumps us a piece of vermicelli to the cheek.

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Finally, the year-round and more of the same: food not so traditional, drinks with a high alcohol, plus the post-hangover, ie fast food to cure the headache and to pamper our disposition. Then comes the fateful day of January. At which point, in an act of courage and curiosity, we put ourselves on the scale and pimba! Three more pounds in a week. Firstly, it should be clarified that no one gains so much weight in such a short time . What happens, and what materializes in the balance, is the result of the ingested excesses which, in the overwhelming majority of cases, is due to fluid retention, lazy bowel and full stomach.

Now, for everything in life there is a solution, and good habits must be resumed after this excessive period. I will share with you some nutrition and training tips to regain your ideal weight and maintain a healthy diet.

Nutrition and training tips for optimal weight regain

1) Maintains a good level of hydration with clean drinks

With regard to hydration, drink plenty of fluids to eliminate excess retention. While it may seem counterproductive to advise on drinking water to counteract retention, in fact our body needs a satisfactory intake of clean drinks (water or sugarless infusions) to maintain good levels of hydration and not to retain liquids by virtue of an insufficient intake of them.

2) Make a new postpartum food plan

With regard to food, weight and measure , malta! We have stored so many carbohydrates during the festive week that if we reduce their consumption for a week, we will contribute to a rebalancing of our metabolism, while simultaneously fighting overweight and consumed energy that has not been spent. To give you an idea, I share my food strategy to combat the scourge of parties. Small changes are very effective, and this is the model I adopt:


Scrambled eggs, starred or poached, accompanied with thin ham, asparagus or cherry tomato or light pancake (100g), with a protein scoop.

Middle of the morning

Unsweetened yogurt or a protein shake with a bunch of nuts (not overdone!) Such as 10 hazelnuts, 7 cashews, 5 walnut kernels.


100 grams of lean red meat or 150g of grilled poultry, accompanied with 100g of sweet potato or 70g of basmati rice (meal with protein and low glycemic index carbohydrates).


1 yogurt / quark, to accompany with 1 scoop of protein, or a low protein carbohydrate bar and sugar, or a crushed avocado with a protein scoop, or two boiled eggs, or 10 cherry tomatoes and 3 slices of ham .


150g of salmon / cod / perch / hake fish, to accompany with 150g sauteed / cooked vegetables or XXL salad (attention to the use of seasonings! Olive oil = 1 tablespoon).


A protein pudding, or a protein shake or a yogurt, or 2 zero gelatins, or 3 slices of lean ham.

3) High Intensity Calorie Workouts

As for training, the benefits of high-intensity interval training , the so-called HIIT training, have long been talked about . They are ideal exercises to lose weight after Christmas . Although you are a fan of strength training, ie bodybuilding, HIIT workouts are the most effectiveto see the numbers of the scale go down and to accelerate the weight loss process.

These trainings can be done in circuit, with the use of various equipment and exercises, as can be done in a single machine, such as treadmill, step, bicycle, etc. What we want is that during a period of 20 minutes (after 5 minutes of moderate heating), we will train in intervals with respect to the intensity: high intensity peaks combined with peaks of lower intensity.

As an example, let’s consider the treadmill:

HIIT Training for Initiates

After moderate walking for 5 minutes, run for 30 seconds at the highest speed you can. The idea is, at the end of the 30 seconds, to feel out of breath, praying that the last 5 seconds will end quickly. Then, for 1 minute, walk at a moderate speed to catch your breath and lower your heart rate. Repeat the same process until the 20 minutes have elapsed.

HIIT Intermediate Training

After moderate walking for 5 minutes, run for 1 minute at the highest speed you can. The idea is the same, that is, at the end of the minute of effort, they should be out of breath, feeling that they gave everything and that more was impossible. Then, for 1 minute, walk at a moderate speed to catch your breath and lower your heart rate. Repeat the minute to “bottom” and the minute of rest, until completing the total 20 minutes.

HIIT Advanced Training

After a moderate walk for 5 minutes, run for 1 minute at the highest speed you can achieve (note: feeling of the heart almost jumping through the mouth). Then, for 1 minute, run at a moderate speed to catch your breath and lower your heart rate. Repeat the process for 30 minutes. At this level, HIIT is always running. 
At the end of the training, your face should be the color of a very mature tomato, you should feel completely “detoxified” with your hair and clothes dripping, heart to the thousand. If you have this feeling, mission accomplished! It was a successful HIIT.

HIITS are a good option because, in addition to promoting caloric expenditure during training, they increase oxygen consumption during the next 48 hours, accelerating the metabolism. Accelerated metabolism = energy expenditure for longer = higher caloric expenditure. For those who are not a racing fan, do not despair! It is also possible to use cardio machines without having to run like Tom Sawyer.

4) Alternatives to HIIT Training

The training time must be longer, at least 45 minutes. Use the treadmill with some incline (no hands on the machine), or the step machine, or the bicycle. But be careful, you have to get out of your comfort zone . If it is too easy, increase the intensity of the exercise, whether by speed, incline, or difficulty level of the machine.

Finally, group classes are always a good option as well, as well as promoting caloric expenditure, they are given by certified instructors who teach you exercises and correct any mistakes, have fun and motivating music and join you in a committed group which will eventually motivate you as well.

Malta, the secret is not to stress, to enjoy the festive moments with our family and with those who are dear to us, to eat the cheese of the mountain range, the cod, the French toast and the sweet rice and, when they finish the festivities, put to work and adopt or resume a healthy lifestyle. 

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