Nuts: benefits, snack suggestions and fitness recipe


healthy diet has aspects that are mandatory, such as eating several times a day, drink 1.5 L of water and include various food groups in several meals . But there are other aspects that can and should be decided by us, or together with a nutritionist, such as the daily quantities consumed and the best heights to ingest certain foods.

The dried fruits belong to the group of unsaturated fats, which are often seen as the villain diets due to the high amount of calories. However, they are essential for the development of our body and the vital functions of our body, being a good option in a diet for weight loss  or weightmanagement.

Many dried fruits, such as almonds , walnuts , hazelnuts , cashews and peanuts , contain this essential nutrient and can be eaten raw, as a simple healthy snack for everyday use, or also used in various recipes.

Do you need to lower your cholesterol? Dried fruit can help you! Read this article  the beneficial effects of ingesting nuts to the bloodstream.

Healthy snack suggestions with nuts

In addition to being ideal as an option for healthy snacks, the nuts can be perfect for getting you to work, for class or whatever your routine, and for maintaining a balanced diet at short intervals during the day .

I leave you some interesting snacks so that you can add other ingredients and products of your choice:

  • Soy yogurt with topping of crumbled almonds;
  • Fruit cut with peanut butter ;
  • Homemade granola (nut mix) instead of cereal.

Fitness recipe with nuts

This recipe is a great choice for different purposes , whether to take you to work or simply to taste at home. The advantage of nuts is this diversity of uses. Both can be applied at any time of day as any recipe, whether sweet or salty. In this case, I will suggest a pie that can be a snack, a part of a breakfast or simply a dessert .

The good fat chosen for this recipe was the almond, but I also added other very tasty and, above all, healthy ingredients! Follow the steps below and enjoy this delicious recipe.

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