Calisthenics: The Basic Training Plan

How to start training Calisthenics?

If you are starting out in this sport, I recommend using the basic plan , which consists of fixed barbell pushups, triceps dips, push ups and squats . If you can do the normal version of these exercises, great; otherwise we will see how you can adapt them.

If you are starting to practice this sport, the article Calisthene: Plan of feeding and supplementation can contribute to increase your performance.

Push ups

If you do not have the necessary strength, place your hands on a bar or surface above the level of your waist and keep your feet on the ground. The higher your hands are, the easier exercise will be, so you must adapt it accordingly. Try to do the exercise at a lower and lower pitch until you can do it on the ground.

Push ups

Arm bends on fixed bar

In the really easy version of this exercise, you put yourself under a bar that is above the level of your waist, keeping your feet on the ground, and you rise in this position. Again, the higher the bar, the easier the exercise, as long as you keep your feet on the ground. Gradually reduce the height until you are able to do the first exercises in an elevation bar.

Fixed bar arm bends

Triceps Dives

If you do not have enough strength to do normal triceps dips, start this exercise using a bench. The higher the bench (table or bar, if necessary), the easier the exercise. Also, do not worry if you can not make the complete plan in the beginning – do partial reps to gain mobility.

Triceps - Yerai alonso


Start by using a bar or surface that you can hold to maintain a right posture and perform a series of short movements. Gradually increase the amplitude and discard the holder.


These exercises will allow you to do a circuit, resting a minute and a half between each exercise, which should include a number of repetitions that involve physical effort but do not lead to muscle failure . Two or three times a week is ideal, gradually increasing the level of difficulty until you are able to do the full version of each exercise.

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