Butt Exercises: Beginner’s Workout Plan

This is a workout consisting of gluteal exercises for those who start gym work. It consists of a work with more basic exercises and easy execution where the rate (execution speed of each series), will be constant (2s, both eccentric and concentric), and always with the same number of repetitions, to begin the give a bit of rhythm to the body and then evolve to an intermediate level.

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Frequency of training

This set of buttock exercises should be done no more than twice a week and always with a distance between workouts of 48 to 72 hours.


Before performing butt exercises, it is recommended to  warm up for 10/15 minutes on the bike and at the end of the workout, do stretches that help increase and promote well-being and prevent cramps and injuries, preventing and reducing muscle pain.

Buttock Exercises Repetition Execution speed Break 
between series
Squat on smith 4 × 15 2s 30 to 40s Light
Leg press 45º 3 × 15 2s 30 to 40s Moderate
Abductor chair 3 × 15 2s 30s Moderate
Hip extension with 3 supports on the floor 3 × 12 2s 30 to 40s Light
Stretching 3x30s (each leg) 30s

The best exercises for glutes

1. Squat on Smith: 4 × 15

An alternative to free squat with bar, since when being made in the machine the movement is “guided” and “forced” to make the correct movement.


Keep your feet parallel and facing forward, keeping your legs apart toward your hip. Crouch until it forms a 90º angle in the knee joint. Maintain an upright posture without flexing the trunk very much. It performs the movement at the recommended cadence, with very little weight. You may need to put a “wedge” under your feet, so as not to unbalance. (They can be two slices of small weights, one under each foot.) You can also set up a bench, so you know how much to lower. Remember, you have to form a 90 ° angle between the calf and the thigh.

Buttock Exercises: Squatting on the Smith

Buttock Exercises: Squatting on the Smith

2. Leg press 45: 3 × 15

This is a complete gluteus exercise that works the buttocks and also the region of the quadriceps and hamstrings. There are some variations on the position of the feet (although the recruited muscles are basically always the same), but we can give more emphasis to a certain muscular region, depending on the position that we put them on the platform. In this case as the training is for buttocks, the position of the feet and legs on the platform is as high as possible.


First, the feet should be supported as high up as possible on the platform and should be lightly turned outwards. The knees should match in the descent near the middle region of the shoulders as well.

The legs should make a slight rotation outwards, so that the inner region of them (medial) is properly worked.

The hip should be fully supported on the seat and should not be left there at any time. The back should also be during the execution fully supported on the bench, ensuring stability to the exercise. Together, the hands should never be on the knees, but on the handle that the machine has. This will ensure that you stabilize the device and that your spine is not affected in the exercise.

Buttock Exercises: Leg press

Buttock Exercises: Leg press

3. Abductor chair: 3 × 15

The abductor chair is an exercise for simple glutes, which as a rule, is done on a specific equipment. The movements that perform this movement are all in the hip region, more specifically, they are the muscles that make up the glutes.


The abductor chair exercise is quite simple. However, it is important to keep the spine and hip stabilized. As for the amplitude, maintain a high amplitude, to the point where it is still comfortable to maintain the position. If to increase the amplitude, you need to change the position of the hip, do not!

Adjusting the chair is also a very important point. If you place the backrest of the chair closer to the knee, you will have a range of motion and consequently a greater torque requirement. If the support is in the medial region of the thigh, we will have a smaller range of motion. Therefore, the abutment seat back must be at an adequate distance.

Exercises for buttocks: Abductor chair

Exercises for buttocks: Abductor chair

4. Hip extension with 3 supports on the floor: 3 × 12

This exercise for buttocks has as main objective the training of the gluteus maximus, but its execution can accentuate other muscles that are associated to the movement, being more or less efficient according to the amplitude of the exercise.


On three supports (arms, knees and feet on the floor), raise one leg up to hip height and tip toe until it almost touches the ground. At the end of the series, do the same with the other leg. Distribute your body weight well so you do not overload the support leg. It keeps the spine and pelvic floor stable, and abdomen contracted.

Buttock exercises: Hip extension 3 supports

Buttock exercises: Hip extension 3 supports


Buttock Exercises: Stretching Anterior Thigh
Stretch fore thigh
Buttock Exercises: Stretching Back of the Thigh

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